jodie! (nearyoualways19) wrote in amaers,

hey! i'm new to this community, but anyway, i went with AMA to europe in 2001 with the gold tour ~ it was the BEST trip i have EVER been on. we went to the netherlands, belgium, france, italy, switzerland, germany, and austria. the things i miss most about europe is the FOOD (nutella, the awesome breakfasts, etc.!), and i REALLY miss the people i went with. the chaperones were soo funny, hehe =) o i was in the chorus by the way =) and i'm also from GA ~ yea i was one of the "GA peaches" there LOL everyone up north always made fun of our "southern accents" haha =P well anyway, i'd really love to go on one of the alumni tours (AMA sent me something about it in the mail) but right now i don't have time/money to go =\ but i WILL go again someday!

when did everyone else go on the AMA tour? which group were you in? ttyl~!

o and i'm glad i found this community! =)
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